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Bloodborne Pushed Back Until Late March

This news gives me another month to find time for Demon's Souls.

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For a moment, things were perfect. My birthday is on February 7, and Bloodborne was scheduled for February 5. I'd spend my 30th birthday dying over and over in a game. Sadly, it's not to be, as Bloodborne's now moving back to March 24.

"While development continues unabated, we would like our team to deliver the best possible final experience," said producer Masaaki Yamagiwa on the PlayStation Blog. We were gratified by the feedback and data we received from those who participated in our limited Alpha test. The extra production time will also allow us to better integrate these learnings."

Yamagiwa did tease some "exciting" Bloodborne news in early December. We still don't know much about how Bloodborne's handling multiplayer, so perhaps details are coming soon on that front.

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