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Borderlands Next DLC Details Leak Courtesy Of New Patch

Claptraps and the walking dead will be the focus.

Because you couldn't in Borderlands proper, you'll get your fill of Claptrap in the role-playing-shooter's next DLC. The smart-mouthed, sometimes helpful and precocious, unicycle-equipped machines will get a much-deserved stint in the limelight, as they, and even hybrid spins on them, will be the enemies.

This is according to a Gearbox forums user who decided to raid Borderlands' new files after a recent Steam patch, which added in Steam achievements support. He then dropped his findings--a long list that includes enemies, quests, dialogue, and locations--on the forums for all to see in advance of an official announcement.

The user even attempted to piece together how the story component of the DLC will shake out. He believes the content will foremost feature a ninja Claptrap that was created to impede Borderlands' vault hunters. But something goes awry. And instead of protecting, It decides to start an armed revolution using re-animated corpses and pieces of Claptraps for its military.  

This is a Claptrap.
This is a Claptrap.

You'll face off against Grunt-traps, Midget-traps, Claptrap Kamikazes, Rakk-traps, Turret-traps, and even [spoiler] a General Knoxx-trap in missions that'll have you doing things like raiding a Claptrap factory, finding bobbleheads, fixing popcorn machines, and even shoving garbage in a food chute.

There's more, much more in fact, to glean from the details on the Gearbox message board but beware, the content will be spoiled for you.

It's important to note that all of the above might not shake out as the user, or us, are imagining. When speaking with IGN, Gearbox head honcho Randy Pitchford didn't dismiss this leak, but he did note that we're not seeing the whole picture. "There are few things there," he admitted. "But It's like reading a draft of a script for a move that hasn't even been announced yet, let alone launched. Yeah, you might learn something, but it's not the real thing and it could just drive you crazy thinking about it."