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I seriously still have no idea what the hell is going on in Noby Noby Boy. But I'm coming to terms with that.

There we go. That oughta clear everything up!
There we go. That oughta clear everything up!
Noby Noby Boy continued to confound the hell out of me when, earlier today, BOY stretched out enough to allow GIRL to make her trek from the Earth to the Moon, just four days after the game's US release. Do not take that last sentence to mean that I am in the middle of having a stroke. This is just how Noby Noby Boy rolls. If you've neither experienced Noby Noby Boy for yourself, nor watched our anti-informative quick look video, allow me to clarify. While Noby Noby Boy claims to have no overt objectives, there is a collective meta-game that underlies all of the action. As players around the globe stretch out their BOYs, they all contribute to the length of GIRL. As GIRL stretches out across the galaxy and reaches new heavenly bodies, new levels in the game are unlocked.

Hmm. Reading back over that clarification, it's probably not much clearer. Think of it like a shared, virtual Stretch Armstrong where, the more everyone pulls on his limbs, the...OK, that analogy's not really working out either. I guess, just...there's a new level for Noby Noby Boy available. It's The Moon. There are people and dogs wearing spacesuits, there are penguins, there are fish, there are ambulatory crescent moons. Perhaps most exasperatingly, there are MOTHER-EFFING MOONS ROLLING AROUND ON THE MOON.

Next stop is Mars. I don't know that I'll still be able to write cogent sentences by then.