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Bungie Details Destiny's First Expansion

The Dark Below features new missions, strikes, gear, and a raised level cap.

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If you're still playing Destiny, chances are you exhausted the game's content a long time ago. Bungie will try to address that issue with The Dark Below, the game's first of several expansions, on December 9.

The Dark Below costs $19.99 on its own, but the season pass, which also includes the next expansion, costs $34.99.

By purchasing the expansion, you'll see the light level cap move from 30 to 32. Story-wise, there's a new Hive baddy in town named Crota, and players are tasked with taking him out over the course of three missions. The Dark Below also includes three multiplayer maps, two strikes (albeit one's exclusive to PlayStation 4 owners), and a new raid. If you're still playing Destiny, does that sound worth $19.99?

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