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Buy DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue Now And Get Free DLC

This is one way to keep you from seeing a review before you buy.

If you're already set on purchasing the recently released DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, it'd be wise to go ahead and spend your cash now instead of waiting until later. Why? Because EA and game creator Hothead Games are offering two bits of free downloadable content exclusively to launch week purchasers of the downloadable PSN and XBLA game.
Don't expect these to be stunning, time-adding additions, though. The first bit of content is an optional dungeon called, simply, "Snowy Mountain Dungeon." The other DLC is a more non-traditional piece of content dubbed "Sidekick Tankko," which adds an ogre sidekick for use with the game's co-op mode.

The PSN version of the Thongs of Virtue download, during its launch week promotional period (September 20-27), will already incorporate the promotional DLC. So, in other words, there'll be no need to dig around on the PS Store to find the free content. XBLA owners of Thongs of Virtue, however, will need to scour XBLM to find both starting today (September 22) until September 28.

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After these periods, the free downloads will become paid downloads. Snowy Mountain Dungeon will be priced at 240 Microsoft Bucks or $2.99 on PSN, according to a press release, while "Sidekick Tankko" will sit at a hefty 80 Microsoft Banana Dollars or $0.99 on PSN.    
In other news, those chickens in that above picture are wearing hats. I'm so buying this game.