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Capcom Delays Dead Rising 2: Case Zero In Japan

And it isn't saying when we'll see it.

Capcom's pre-DLC Dead Rising 2: Case Zero might not make its Western launch tomorrow as expected. According to a Famitsu report, Case Zero's Japan launch is being pushed back by Capcom Japan because of an unspecified issue with the downloadable's demo. Kotaku says in its report that "elements were discovered in the trial versions that are not appropriate for the free demo [of Case Zero]," which sounds a lot like Capcom found a full-game unlock bug, but that's just my speculation.

Continuing to be cagey about this ordeal, Capcom Japan didn't state what the game's new release date is or how this problem might affect other versions of the exclusive Xbox 360 content. But it seems safe to assume that if the Japanese version of Case Zero's demo is somehow broken, the others are as well.  
We've contacted Capcom to ask what's up with all of this.
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Dead Rising: Case Zero is an ambitious downloadable title. Built with the Dead Rising 2 engine, it supposedly fills the gap between the two Dead Rising games. It takes place two years after the events of Dead Rising and a whopping three years before the September-bound Dead Rising 2. You'll control Chuck Greene, the protagonist of the forthcoming second game, in a quest to save his daughter from a zombie bite. All of Dead Rising 2's systems, including the weapon forging, will be useable whenever it launches. 
UPDATE: The English version of the game has not been delayed, according to a Capcom representative who talked to Joystiq. Expect it tomorrow!