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Capcom Lays Out Upcoming Release Dates

Super Street Fighter IV in April, Lost Planet 2 in May.

Also: box art! 
Also: box art! 
After delaying a few games into less-specific release windows during some financial reporting earlier this month, Capcom has nailed down a few dates and windows for some of its upcoming products.

Super Street Fighter IV will hit on April 27 in North America and April 30 in Europe. A collector's edition of the game is planned, at least for Japan, which is said to at least contain a soundtrack and a trailer collection.

Lost Planet 2 is due on May 18. According to Kotaku, Capcom's Japanese event--which teased some sort of collaboration with Microsoft--revealed that Marcus Fenix and other characters from the Gears of War universe would make an appearance in the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Monster Hunter Tri is on for April in both North America and Europe, with retailers reporting a more-specific date of April 6. The game will be released in a bundle with the black version of the Classic Controller Pro for $59.99. Both the game and the controller will also be available separately.

'What do you mean I can't pre-order Monster Hunter Frontier? Don't you know who I am?'
'What do you mean I can't pre-order Monster Hunter Frontier? Don't you know who I am?'
Final Fight: Double Impact, the downloadable collection of both Final Fight and Magic Sword, is listed as a Spring release for both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Also out of Japan, Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter Frontier, which had previously appeared on the PC, would also be making its way to the Xbox 360, but that's still only for the Japanese market. No North American plans for that have been announced. Don't hold your breath.
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