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Taking a leaf out of the world of political cartoons I see. Finally the tough issues can be tackled in a light-hearted and concise manner. I had a jolly good guffaw at the comments that were made.

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Agreed, Vinny. Agreed.

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What, this is, what.

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I get it...so like the frog is a metaphor for Facebook and the girl is Oculus. Far out Vinny-man.

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Um...huh. Well, then!

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Did the merger with Comic Vine happen?

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@hatking: In what world is this racist, you joyless human being?

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DId someone hack the site? Am i have a stroke?

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@fobwashed: Man, this is on a wholly different level. Unless I already posted that, in which case it is still on a wholly different level. For the first time, my copy/pasted MS Paint stickmen seem inadequate.

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I'm down with a series of Vinny-produced comics like this.

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Ohhhh. When you put it like that, it finally makes sense.

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Vinny is the master of political video game cartoons.

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Of couse! How did I not see it before?

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I don't get it

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A masterpiece.

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I'm sick and tired of all this political crap ruining this website.

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He should stop now. He's already peaked... no reason not to go out on top... *nods*

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Disturbing, yet strangely arousing.

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So the Frog represents Russia and the girl is Crimea?

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This is the sort of no-holds barred truth telling that makes the perverts who run this country shit the bed in fear.

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I understand.

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My life is forever changed! @vinny

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@hatking: In what world is this racist, you joyless human being?

I was joking. :(

It's a pull from some old Bombcast, I think. Something about Vinny being casually racist. It was a shallow joke.

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File under: animes

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This is a profoundly stunning demonstration of the kishoutenketsu narrative structure (ki- introduction, shou- development, ten- twist, ketsu- conclusion) that goes into Japanese four panel comics. And most excitingly, this one is actually worthwhile and entertaining and not boring as all hell. Please produce more of these so we can buy your comic in paperback form, Caravella-sensei!

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@hatking: Sorry duder, I thought you were serious. Nevermind. Maybe that makes me the joyless one? I dunno. This whole thing is kinda confusing.

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The Iliad, Hamlet, A Tale of Two Cities, The Sound and the Fury, and now Caravella's "Untitled: Number 01". Literature has reached the next level.

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... you might possibly drink far too much coffee.

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Also, as a moderator, I want to remind people who disagree with the political message embedded in Vinny's comic to be civil and constructive with their retorts.

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I'm back to loving the Internet.

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That picture of young vinny is amazing........ AMAZING!

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@mento said:

Also, as a moderator, I want to remind people who disagree with the political message embedded in Vinny's comic to be civil and constructive with their retorts.

You mean, aside from openly wondering if Vinny's been hitting the psychotropic mushrooms?

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Max is using Vinny's account again.

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The onion could take lessons from this display.

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I don't understand this at all but I think I love it.

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This is exactly the type of content I look for when on GiantBomb. CBSi and @rorie, take note.

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Guess someone bought that manga software that was on Steam last week.

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Count me in with the "I don't get it" crowd.

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Young Caravella was a stud!!!

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I uh.... I feel different now.

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I...really don't get it. But I think it's hilarious?