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CES: Ghostbusters Game, Blu-Ray Hit June 19

More Gozer than you can handle will be available on a single date this summer, Joystiq reports.

Soon with way more pixels.
Soon with way more pixels.
Quick note out of CES: Joystiq reports that Ghostbusters: The Video Game is set for a June 19 release, though which platforms will be out on that day aren't specified. That's because it wasn't publisher Atari who put out the announcement, but rather, amusingly, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The game's release date was actually a footnote in a larger release about the forthcoming Blu-Ray edition of Ghostbusters, the first movie, which is also due out on the same day.

I got a hands-on look at the Ghostbusters game a few weeks ago, so read that write-up if you want to know more. I have to confess, I'm more excited about the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray than the game's release, but don't interpret that as a slight against the game; I'm more excited about the idea of Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray than, well, just about everything.

How about you? Looking forward to busting ghosts and ogling Zuul in interactive form?
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