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Chair's Next Game Features...Obama And Romney?

Partnership with Rock the Vote, others fueling goofy political fighting game.

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In just a little while, the next game from Chair Entertainment will be available on the iOS App Store, in which you’ll finally get to live out your fantasy of, um, a boxing match between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

It’s called VOTE!!!! The Game.

Yes, it really has does have four exclamation points.

It’s a goofy partnership with the well-intentioned Rock the Vote folks, who work each election cycle to encourage voter turnout, so it’s hard to say too much about it, one way or the other. Chair has also partnered with the Video Game Voters Network and Project Vote Smart to connect players with relevant information for this year’s election.

And even though Infinity Blade is more popular than Shadow Complex multiple times over, I refuse to characterize today’s news as “from the developers of Infinity Blade,” if only to encourage Chair Entertainment to finally make Shadow Complex 2.

VOTE!!!! The Game is already live in some territories (click this link to check yours), and should be available for everyone within the next day or so.


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