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Child of Eden on PS3 Confirmed For September

Ubisoft remaining mum on whether Q Entertainment's implementing Move support.

Ubisoft has been suspiciously quiet about Child of Eden for PlayStation 3. Tetsuya Mizuguchi's self-labeled spiritual successor to Rez has been pushed as a Kinect headliner since its E3 unveiling, but the game is most definitely coming to Sony's platform, too, with rumors of 3D and Move support swirling.

Reports out of Europe suggested the PlayStation 3 version would not appear alongside the Xbox 360 one on June 14. That's been confirmed. Ubisoft told me last week that Child of Eden on PlayStation 3 is scheduled for September, but refused to characterize the news as a delay, citing that no date had been issued in the first place. It was pretty natural, however, to assume we'd get a simultaneous release. 

 You can't help but wonder what this would look like in 3D, too.
 You can't help but wonder what this would look like in 3D, too.
A recent  story suggested Move support was "expected," but when I asked, Ubisoft would not confirm whether Sony's motion controller would be usable in Mizuguchi's next game.

"Aside from the September release timeframe and that it will be awesome, we have nothing else to confirm about PS3," said a company spokesperson.

Move support could very well be in the final product, but Ubisoft's not being definitive just yet.

Good to know it'll be awesome, though.  
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