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Choplifter HD Recruits Original Creator, Also Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Dan Gorlin hasn't touched a game in a long time, but he's returning to Choplifter.

It's been a while since Dan Gorlin's Choplifter--1982, actually. That nobody's touched the series since Choplifter III in 1994 is rather remarkable. InXile Entertainment breaks the streak this fall with Choplifter HD, which it today announced is now also coming to Xbox Live Arcade (previously a PlayStation Network and PC release) and is being made in collaboration with Dan Gorlin.

"I am thrilled to be a part of creating a Choplifter experience for the 21st Century," said Gorlin in the press release "The team at inXile is passionate about the game and it shows in every detail."

I've actually conducted an interview with Gorlin that'll be up tomorrow, wherein we talk about the extent he's involved with the game (not much), one of his failed attempts to bring back Choplifter back in the 90s, and why his Wikipedia page says he's currently into real-estate.

If you're not familiar with Choplifter, it's about a helicopter and, yep, you lift stuff.

The game even includes the one and only Meat Boy from Super Meat Boy. Er, how come?

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"They just asked and showed us some videos and we said go for it!" said Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen to me this afternoon.

Because rescuing humans isn't good enough anymore. Now, we gotta rescue sacks of meat.

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