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Chris Cashman On The End Of 1 vs. 100

The host of the show shares some parting thoughts.

I didn't think to ask, but I'm almost certain that Chris Cashman, host of 1 vs. 100, learned about the social game's official cancelation the same way you and I did: via press release by Microsoft earlier yesterday morning. Head high, though, the four-time Emmy award winner had nothing but polite things to say when we spoke via e-mail about the canned show, echoing a tone and forward-looking nature he had about the show just days prior to official word.

"Yeah... bummer," he told me via e-mail, when I asked him how he was taking the news of the cancelation. "I certainly hope to get a chance to play with Xbox again, but I have no idea what its up to next."

"It wasn't that long ago that I was blown away by having colored rubber bands on my braces, so getting to host the first live videogame ever is pretty much tops," he continued. "The Live platform is so cool and the streaming content is just way ahead of the curve, so I gotta assume it's all a part of a bigger picture. " 

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== TEASER ==Cashman had a unique connection to a game. He was a host; he was a mover-and-shaker who dictated a flow, set a tempo, and interacted with users on a regular basis. Devs and producers are no doubt affected by cancelations, but their connection is held within the time spent ideating and creating a game, I'd imagine, rather than interactions with it. 

"I'm sure they are plotting something rad. As for how I'm taking the news of 1 vs. 100 going away? Well... I've always been dramatic," Cashman said, dropping a YouTube link at the bottom of our e-mail that both explains his feelings and reinforces my belief that this guy is a warrior.