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Community GOTY 2021 Winners

It's another wonderful year for games!

I'm writing this article so I'm putting a picture of Days Gone (PC) up top here. No, it didn't win anything...except my heart.
I'm writing this article so I'm putting a picture of Days Gone (PC) up top here. No, it didn't win anything...except my heart.

Hey everyone! These are the results of the community GOTY - the results of which (resultingly) have been resulted below. This year, 1655 of you submitted a top ten list, for a total of 12670 votes (not everyone always puts in ten games, which is fine!) on 807 different games. Wow! Amazing!

This is one of the tightest Community GOTY votes I've ever seen, with the top eight games all being closer together in weighted and regular votes than the top two games were last year, when Hades easily took the top prize over The Last Of Us Part II. It was certainly one of the more bizarre years for game releases in recent memory, with the full weight of quarantine development pushing many games out into 2022. There were fewer voters this year than last which might account for the relative closeness of the race, but I also know that I, personally, had a hard time making a Top 10 this year just because the big splashy AAA games that I like were relatively sparse on the ground. Regardless, congrats to Inscryption for being the game you felt the most strongly about, and big ups to Halo: Infinite for being the game actually played by the largest group of Bombadeers. I played one of those games!

It's kind of fitting that we're publishing this on the day that Dying Light 2 comes out; I dunno if it'll be great, but it definitely feels like one of the first huge (and long-delayed) releases of the year to me. I'll probably not be able to resist buying it this weekend! Anyway, since we have this community polling system that we only use once a year, I figured I'd throw up a poll to see your Most Anticipated Games of 2022. Vote early and vote often!

As per usual, we don't always separate out expansions or new ports in our wiki so if you see stuff like Dragon Quest XI or Destiny 2 you can assume that it's referring to a recent release.

Weighted Votes (1st place counts more than 2nd, and so on)

GameNumber of Votes
2.Halo Infinite274
3.Psychonauts 2260
4.Metroid Dread240
6.Hitman 3189
7.Resident Evil Village171
8.Forza Horizon 5165
9.Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart115
10.Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy107
12.Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker94
13.The Forgotten City88
14.Death's Door79
16.Monster Hunter Rise65
17.Loop Hero63
19.It Takes Two54
20.NieR Replicant44
21.Shin Megami Tensei V43
22.Life is Strange: True Colors42
23.Chicory: A Colorful Tale40
24.Tales of Arise37
26.Mass Effect Legendary Edition34
27.Lost Judgment32
28.Super Mario 3D World31
29.Disco Elysium29
31.The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles27
32.Guilty Gear -Strive-26
33.Age of Empires IV25
34.Persona 5 Strikers22
35.Kena: Bridge of Spirits21
37.Outer Wilds20
38.Scarlet Nexus19
39.New Pokémon Snap19
40.Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous18
41.Cruelty Squad18
42.The Ascent17
43.Deltarune Chapter 1&215
44.Yakuza: Like a Dragon15
46.Axiom Verge 214
47.Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl14
49.The Artful Escape12
50.Neo: The World Ends with You11

Pure Votes:

GameNumber of Votes
1.Halo Infinite695
2.Psychonauts 2587
3.Metroid Dread543
6.Resident Evil Village487
7.Forza Horizon 5486
8.Hitman 3482
9.Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart413
10.Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy334
11.The Forgotten City301
12.Death's Door274
13.Loop Hero268
17.Monster Hunter Rise180
18.It Takes Two178
19.Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker142
20.Chicory: A Colorful Tale130
21.Tales of Arise130
22.Super Mario 3D World128
23.NieR Replicant127
24.Life is Strange: True Colors124
25.Shin Megami Tensei V114
27.Mass Effect Legendary Edition108
28.Lost Judgment101
30.Kena: Bridge of Spirits95
31.Persona 5 Strikers92
32.Scarlet Nexus92
33.Age of Empires IV90
34.New Pokémon Snap90
35.The Ascent87
36.Guilty Gear -Strive-78
38.The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles64
39.Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl62
40.Back 4 Blood59
41.The Artful Escape59
42.Disco Elysium58
43.Axiom Verge 256
44.Pokémon Unite55
45.Outer Wilds52
46.Deltarune Chapter 1&245
47.Chivalry II43
48.Far Cry 642
49.Cruelty Squad42
50.Yakuza: Like a Dragon40