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Crytek Announces 360 Exclusive, Codename: Kingdom

The Crysis developer teases a new game featuring Roman Centurions.

Microsoft revealed today at their E3 Press Conference that Crysis developer Crytek is developing a brand new game exclusively for the 360. Teased as Codename: Kingdoms, Crytek's new game looks to feature Roman centurions and... that's it. That's literally all we know. The teaser revealed nothing about what the game might be or how it might play. It appears the trailer was put together to highlight the deal (a 360 exclusive produced by Crytek) rather than the game being produced.

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We will keep our ears open for any additional news on the game, but given the brevity of the trailer, and the focus on this year's release of Crysis 2, it's a safe bet that there isn't much more information on Kingdoms at this time.