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Custom Bot Pre-Order Bonus Coming To Portal 2

Because you wouldn't want to use just any old bot.

The anticipation around the release of Portal 2 is already extremely high, considering that the game won't be released until 2011. And though many of us will flock directly to Steam to grab the Valve-developed follow-up, those who venture to brick-and-mortar for the game will get a special treat: a total of five dollars worth of savings, and the promise of "custom bots."

According to GameStop's listing for the game (via MTV), all online and in-store pre-orders will net the purchaser custom bots--note the plural--for the co-op portion of the title. If you remember, the co-op compliment to Portal 2 will feature its own levels and story and (more importantly to this article) star two robots. These robots, from what we've seen thus far, are already pretty distinguishable: one is squat and angrier-looking, while the other is leaner and far more approachable. Valve or EA have yet to explain what these more customizable bots will add to the game, and for that matter, how we'll even be able to customize them in the first place. Blame it on the game's delay, right?

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As MTV points out, the Xbox 360 version of Portal 2 is being priced at $54.99 pre-savings, while the PS3 version is still the standard $59.99. The PC/Mac edition, though, is still being listed at $44.