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Dave Nillasca's Top 10 Giant Bomb Moments of 2018

Business Dave is here to tell you all about Giant Bomb's most marketable 2018 moments.

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Dave Nillasca is Giant Bomb's Business Dave. Business Dave likes it when the numbers go up.

Look... you probably don't know me, but I'm the guy in the background of all the mailbag videos and Giant Bomb's business guy, OK? If you ARE familiar with me from one of my speaking appearances (likely on Giant Bomb's lowest rated program, entitled "Ben's Lens Program") then you probably don't like me. That's fine. I don't like you either.

But here's the thing... you probably love me because everyone loves me, and I love everyone. And the people need to know what my top ten games of the year are. The thing about that, however, is that I only played like seven games in 2018 (and one of those was 1999's NBA Showtime).

Though I played less, this was one of the most fun years I've had with video games thanks to Giant Bomb. For this reason, I thought it would be more fitting to come up with Business Dave's Top Ten Giant Bomb moments of 2018.

10. Jeff saying "Anime's okay. It's the people who like anime that are the problem." @ Anime Expo

He boomed them!

9. Abby Killing Patrick in 13 Deadly Sims

It didn't come easy, but maaaaaan was the payoff worth it.

8. The Jeff Gerstmann Pro Skater Intro

Makes me laugh every time. Shout out to Jan - Daly City, CA represent!

7. Dan's 35% Shot

The thrilling conclusion to The Exquisite Corps that yielded both moment and merch that will forever go down in Giant Bomb lore.

6. Dan Learning What Pirates do During Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

Dan Ryckert is a great man.

5. Rorie Reciting Poetry to Ben During the Late Shift of GB West’s Extra Life Stream

Matt Rorie is also a great man. Outside of The Power Bombcast's return, a Persona 5 Endurance Run, and the conclusion of Kingdom Heartache, a Rorie talk show is what this site really needs. I envision it working as Giant Bomb's love letter to public access television.

4. Ghost Cup

The cup was a ghost.

3. Alex Completing 24 Straight Hours of Rock Band Drums for Extra Life

On top of the focus and endurance required to pull this off, the man literally sacrificed his own well-being to help children in need. The feat (with the help of our very generous community) will have a positive impact on people's lives and it is something that Alex should be very proud of forever.

2. Vinny Dropping a "Rorie's Monitor" Joke During the Sony E3 Press Conference

Not quite as impressive as Alex’s Extra Life heroics, but man he served Rorie so good. Rorie got boomed!

1. America's Sweetheart, Matt Kessler

The E3 @ Nite shows are what I look forward to the most, each year. The trust that exists between host(s) and guests, the expert navigation through a wide variety of tones and topics, and the authentic conversations that result always feel... important. Hey, even if they’re not important (it’s just video games after all), they’re definitely fun to watch!

The final segment is always the culmination of that fun and despite the high expectations that it now carries… it still finds a way to deliver. It did so this year with the assistance of real-life beef in the streets!

P.S. Heavy Burger is my GOTY, narrowly defeating Madden ’19.