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Dead Rising 2: Case West Hits December 27

Party with Frank West for only 800 Microsoft Points.

Capcom has firmed up the release and pricing details of Dead Rising 2: Case West, the Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive follow-up to Dead Rising 2. According to a recent press release, the game will debut on December 27 and will cost you 800 Microsoft Moon Dollars. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero cost 400 Microsoft Points when it debuted on the service back in August ago, so we're seeing a slight price hike here.

Case West sees the return of Frank West, the protagonist of Capcom's original Dead Rising. Like in that game, you'll be able to take photos of stuff, in addition to being able to take advantage of Dead Rising 2's make-a-weapon mechanics. West will join Dead Rising 2's protagonist Chuck Greene in a mission to uncover mysterious corporation Phenotrans' "murky dealings." The game itself will take place in Phenotrans' facility. 

Lastly, Capcom confirmed once and for all that this is a standalone Xbox Live Arcade release and not DLC for the disc version of Dead Rising 2, so you don't need to own that game to get this one. 
As previously revealed by Capcom in late November, new missions, offline and online co-op, and new survivors will all be a part of this package. And considering how good Case Zero was, I'd imagine we're going all-in on this one as soon as it hits, right?