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Dead Rising 2: Case West To Hit Xbox Live In December

And Capcom releases a few more cool facts.

It's been a long time since we've heard anything meaningful about Dead Rising 2: Case West, the second Dead Rising 2 downloadable spin-off. In fact, September's announcement was the only time we've been able to throw up a post about it. But new details have been released Capcom this week, ending the silence just before the game drops later this December exclusively over Xbox Live.

Here's the important stuff we've learned:

  • There was hesitation on our part to confirm co-op for the title back in September, despite the fact that the meat of the game is about a partnership between Frank West and Chuck Greene. We can say now with confidence that co-op is indeed a part of the package, as one player will be able to control Greene, while the other West. If you decide to go at it solo, West's part will be handled by AI (which can't be killed). 

  • Case West takes place in the Phenotrans Facility "on the outskirts of Fortune City" after the events Dead Rising 2, as was previously announced.

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 == TEASER ==
  • New weapon combinations, new "challenges," and enemies will be a part of this package. Capcom isn't talking about any of this yet in great detail, but two of the new weapons have been named: "Zap & Shine" and "Reaper." 

  • There will be new survivors to rescue.

  • Proving that Phenotrans was involved in the zombie outbreak appears to be the goal of the game and this is where West steps in. With his camera, he'll be able to grab photographic evidence that proves the corporation's involvement.

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  • Other original Dead Rising characters will have cameos.

Curiously, there's still no word on price for Case West. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the other downloadable game, was released over Xbox Live Arcade for five dollars, so there's an expectation that Case West will receive a similar price. If it will or not remains to be seen. Regardless, we're stoked for another Dead Rising 2 joint. Case Zero, if you remember, was pretty good all by its lonesome.  

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UPDATE: Capcom just released a bunch of screenshots. Check them out! 
: As some of you in the comments are pointing out, it's still unknown if Case West will be a standalone downloadable. Back in September, Capcom's Christian Svensson said whether it will require Dead Rising 2's disc or not is "an issue [Capcom is] speaking with Microsoft about." Either way, Case West will be an Xbox Live downloadable. 
UPDATE 3: After a bit more digging (and asking) I've decided that we should probably just call Case West an "Xbox Live downloadable" for the time being. My apologies if the original branding of XBLA game confused anyone.  
UPDATE 4: (Jesus.) The following statement has been given to Joystiq: "Case West will be a standalone just like Case Zero." So, I guess Case West will be an Xbox Live Arcade title?