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Dead Space With A Wiimote? Already Done!

Intrepid YouTube user hacks Wii controls into sci-fi horror game, beats EA to the punch.

Among EA's stack of announcements out of its earnings conference call yesterday, you may have noticed plans to release the excellent Dead Space for the Wii. I'm a little confused about this port, because almost all of the people who would play Dead Space in the first place don't play games only on the Wii--and they either already played the game on the X360 or PS3, or they should play it on one of those.

Then again, perhaps the investment of development resources is relatively low given the payoff of putting the game out on the console with the highest installed base. Can't blame them for casting a wide net when the game is so good.

Anyhow, if you're curious about how the forthcoming Wii port might play (but not how it will look), MTV Multiplayer's sultan of swing Patrick Klepek dug up a YouTube video of a guy who is using his Wii remote as a Bluetooth device to play the PC version of Dead Space. Observe.


Control-wise, that actually looks pretty good, especially considering this is just a hack and not a final Wii product. Jury will remain out on how Dead Space's lavish visuals will translate to the lesser Wii, but this looks like a good start.

Do you have any interest in playing--or revisiting--Dead Space with a Wii remote?
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