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Dear Mr. Schafer, Thank You For Your Interest...

Don’t do what I did. It only worked in the 80s! - Tim Schafer

  What if this had gone differently?
 What if this had gone differently?
It's pretty easy to look at Tim Schafer, the mind behind Brütal Legend, and see the stadiums full of adoring fans, the stretch limos, the diamond studded fingernails, and forget he too was once a man just looking for a job. Tim recently started his 20th year in the games industry, which not only makes him able to sport antique license plates, but also gives him a chance to reflect on his humble beginnings. To mark the occasion, he has posted a collection of letters that chronicle some notable job correspondence. Just to drive home that this is really two decades ago, may I note, that these are actual letters...on paper.  Personally, I'm really glad Tim isn't currently working on printer drivers.
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Also, in the spirit of unlikely career turns and to add a bit of perspective, here's a little something I shot with my little brother probably around the time Tim was wrapping up his probationary period at Lucasfilm. This version was retouched some time in the 2000s, when I could fully realize my vision...releases in 2003!    

( link to video

* Note: Yup, that's me as the tauntaun.
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