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Dee Jay And T. Hawk Coming To Street Fighter IV?

Announcer audio featuring some old Street Fighters surfaces. Could new characters be on the way?

Earlier today, Capcom released a "benchmark tool" for the upcoming PC release of Street Fighter IV. It's essentially a non-interactive demo of the game that'll run and let you see how well the game will run on your system.

Yeah, I think it's sort of silly, too. But considering this is a game you probably wouldn't want to play at all if you couldn't get it running right, it makes some sense.

More interestingly, some folks have been digging through the audio files and came up with some announcer audio that specifically mentions Dee Jay and T. Hawk, two Super Street Fighters who didn't make it into the original release of Street Fighter IV. As EventHubs points out, the two characters were, at one point, under consideration for inclusion in the game. So this leads to the obvious question: is this leftover audio that just never got cut out of the game files, or is this a sign that additional characters are still on the way?

That's something we'll probably have to wait for Capcom to reveal. Meanwhile, if you're after that benchmarking tool, FileShack's hosting it. It's nearly 400MB.
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