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Derek Smart Takes On All Aspects Of Warfare

3000AD gets the heck out of space and comes down for a landing with All Aspect Warfare.

Dr. Derek Smart's 3000AD has announced plans to develop and release a new multiplayer combat game called All Aspect Warfare on the PC. The company is more traditionally known for its big-and-crazy space sims from the Battlecruiser franchise. Actually, the company is probably more traditionally known by the antics of its president, Dr. Derek Smart. But that's neither here nor there.

Other than mentions of Shader Model 3.0 and the use of SpeedTreeRT to ensure the proper on-the-fly generation of trees, there's not much info in the initial press release. But here's everything about the game's setting, direct from said release.

All Aspect Warfare chronicles the adventures, mishaps and all around tomfoolery of an “elite” team of combat marines who crash landed on the enemy planet they were sent to completely destroy. Stranded and left for dead on a planet with a deployed thermo-nuclear weapon ticking somewhere, their only chance of escape lies deep within hostile territory. With no way of locating the weapon, their's is a race against time to get off the planet before detonation.

Set on a remote four hundred square mile stretch of a near desolate planet, the game features fast and furious action in first or third person perspective, vehicular and aerial combat with a vast array of player controlled air, ground and naval assets. With six playable classes, over twenty first person weapons of mass destruction, thirty player controlled units and breathtaking vistas, this open world game is best in class.

The game is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year. A "wide public Beta" is also planned.
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