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Details Emerge For Arcania: A Gothic Tale

New Website launched for fourth game in the Gothic franchise.

Can anyone make this menu item out?
Can anyone make this menu item out?
I know, I know. You're confused. Spellbound Studio's newest game is called Arcania: A Gothic Tale, but is essentially Gothic 4. So why the name change? The rumor going around at the moment is that with Gothic 3 being regarded as a disaster compared to the excellent first and second games, the franchise is looking for a bit of a reboot here in North America where the brand isn't as well known. While I can't blame them for it, part of me still wants to call this thing Gothic 4 whenever it pops up in the news.

In any case, Arcania: A Gothic Tale just launched a new Website (note: the flash banner will likely cripple your browser) for the game that showcases some screenshots and provides recommended specs. It's interesting to note that the platforms the game will run on are TBA at the moment, but PC system specs are provided. Personally I'd love the game to hit X360 and PS3 so that more gamers can experience the Gothic franchise. While the last one was admittedly a mess, Gothic II was a classic in the genre and still eminently playable to this day.

On the new site I noticed the right-most menu item was covered up. While I can only assume it will be revealed shortly, let's just hope that it covers up the phrase "Dave, this game is gonna be awesome, don't fret" because that is secretly what I need it to say. Relegated too long as the little brother to the Elder Scrolls' games, I'd love to see Gothic -- I mean Arcania -- grow into its full potential.

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