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Deux Ex: Human Revolution Hitting in August

Square Enix finally announces a release date.

Retailers beat Square Enix to the punch, but now it’s official-official: the third title in the Deus Ex franchise is hitting North American store shelves on August 23, 2011. Human Revolution, as its called, should also makes its way to the UK and Australia on Aug. 25 and Aug. 26, according to retailers.  
Eidos Montreal announced the NA release date just a hair earlier than Square over on the PS blog. The studio also busted out the following three screenshots. Man, this game looks gorgeous: 

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== TEASER ==Human Revolution was smacked with a postponement earlier in December. Square had to break the news just weeks after unveiling the game’s generous amount of pre-order bonus content and its special Limited Edition bundle dubbed the "Augmented Edition." Just as a recap, since this stuff was announced so long ago, here’s what you can get if you decide to drop the coin on a reservation:
... At GameStop
... And at other participating retailers. 
Additionally, if you pay an extra 10 dollars for that Augmented Edition, you’ll get a 40-page art book, a “Making Of” DVD that includes the game’s soundtrack, and a motion graphic novel (whatever that is.) Here’s a huge shot of the entire set, which will have its own Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 versions:   

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This game has a lot to live up to. The original Deus Ex is still being talked about as if it were one of the greatest games of all time. I guess the good news is that Human Revolution at least looks like it'll be able to hang with its predecessor. We'll have to see!