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Don't Panic: PS3 Hardware Will Still Play HD Games Via Component

HDMI requirement is part of a Blu-ray anti-piracy measure for movies.

Component, we hardly knew thee.
Component, we hardly knew thee.

The last time Sony removed a feature from the PlayStation 3 hardware, the ability to boot alternate operating systems such as Linux, there was a vocal revolt, albeit from a minority of the Internet.

Kotaku was tipped off to a new feature on the chopping block for the next model of PS3s, wherein high-definition output would be become an HDMI-only feature, dropping support for component.

Technically, that's true--but only for movies, according to a statement from Sony released to Ars Technica. Games and streaming content will continue to output in HD via component and HDMI.

"The new CECH-3000 series PS3 requires HDMI only for BD movie output in HD, in compliance with AACS standards," said the company.

AACS standards?

AACS stands for Advanced Access Content System, an organization responsible for setting hardware standards. Earlier this year, new regulations were adopted that required the phasing out of HD output through component, dubbed the "analog hole," over the next three years. It's an anti-piracy measure, as it's believed analog (component) is easier to copy than digital (HDMI).

This is a Blu-ray specific restriction, by the way. Your Xbox 360 isn't affected.

I'm struggling to figure out how removing component support for HD output will curb torrenting.

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