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Doodle Jump Heading To Kinect

Lima Sky announces a Kinect-supported, downloadable version of its App Store juggernaut.

Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump is a big deal in the iPod Touch and iPhone world. It’s been charting on the App Store since its debut, most likely because it epitomizes what people want in their 99-cent games: simple, fun, and inviting play. Soon, though, we’ll see if Doodle Jump can translate to non-mobile platforms. Lima Sky has announced that it’s doing an Xbox Live Arcade version of the title, one that will support Kinect.

In the press release, Lima neglects to mention how Doodle Jump for Kinect will work, but I think it’s safe to assume that it won’t have you jumping alongside the protagonist. I foresee Gunstringer-like couch controls that will require wrist snaps as inputs, but again, nothing has been confirmed.

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As for what’s next for Doodle Jump, Lima Sky made that clear in this press release, too. An iPad version of the title is still in the works and a multiplayer update is coming to the iPod Touch and iPhone versions of the game “very soon.” There’s also mention of transmedia such as comics and toys, so look forward to those if you're really into Doodle Jump. 
Image via gsgill37's deviantart page.