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Double Fine Bringing Mars, Bears, Loot to Trenched

And by Trenched, of course, we mean Iron Brigade, the new worldwide name for Trenched.

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If you’ve already pushed back the technological menace in Iron Brigade (er, Trenched), Double Fine Productions is preparing the first set of downloadable content, Rise of the Martian Bear.

The studio revealed the first details on the content at a small event in San Francisco last Friday.

Rise of the Martian Bear will include four new missions set on Mars, and presumably an explanation for why we’ve left Earth’s atmosphere. If it don't want to provide one, I'm cool with that, too. And, yes, there will be bears.

There’s no release date for Rise of the Martian Bear, but Double Fine said it wouldn’t be far off.

Before that happens, however, Trenched has to become Iron Brigade. Alongside the title update that makes the name change official (the result of a copyright dispute), players will gain access to new loot and a survival game mode.

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