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Double Fine Will Help Publish Gang Beasts

The most obvious development collaboration in the world has happened.

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If you've been watching Unprofessional Fridays, you know Giant Bomb's love for Gang Beasts, the hilariously weird local multiplayer brawler. Even better? Double Fine is making it part of its "Double Fine Presents" lineup.

With Double Fine Presents, the studio takes smaller games--Mountain, Escape Goat 2--under its wing, and provides various resources to ensure the games make it to the finish line and people are paying attention to them.

Besides showing up at PAX Prime next week, Gang Beasts will launch on Early Access on August 29.

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I have collected all appearances of this game on Giant Bomb streams. If anyone wants to check it out, here is the list with timestamps.

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Excellent, that game looks fun as hell

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Posted By Rincewind

Will I be able to play as Raz then?! Big questions remain unanswered.

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Posted By elko84

Sweet. Good for them.

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Posted By Brodehouse

I want that game all over my face.

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Posted By Splodge

Bloody brilltastic.

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Posted By Coolarman

This pairing is just 2 sweet

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Posted By Murdoc_

Hope they change the name, love the game, but the name always struck me as weird.

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Posted By selbie

Double Fine sprinkles it with love and makes the world taste good...

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Posted By natto

Awww yeah

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Posted By GunsAreDrawn

Yeah, so obvious, wish you told us earlier.

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Posted By DrStrangepork

Best news I've heard today.

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Also, Yes to Gangbeasts! The world needs more gangbeasts.

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Posted By development

Glad to see Double Fine getting into this side of the business.

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This is great.

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Looks like a dev picture from Little Pink Best Buddies.

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It's a Christmas Miracle !

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@szlifier: Uhh, I don't think you should be posting that.

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Posted By Nhoj_Sllew

i really wish I had enough friends locally who were interested in playing :( this game is so awesome

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Posted By Popogeejo

Can't wait for the promo video for this.

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Posted By Dazza_w

Oh happy day!

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Posted By Humanity

The jellies are coming to town!

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Posted By wewantsthering

This is just way too awesome! They're also adding eight player support! This is one of our goto games for hanging out and drinking. :-)

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Posted By riostarwind

This is the best news I've ever read in a while. I don't buy early access games yet I'll make a exception this time.

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Posted By Shaka999

@szlifier: Thanks a ton, duder!

Also, how does this affect people who already downloaded the game? Am I going to need to get it through early access in order to get more updates or should I be good to go with the .exe I already have?

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Oh man.

I've played some GB (that's Gang Beats not Giant Bomb btw) and yeah, a sprinkling of Double Fine pixie dust could go a real long way!

Does anyone know if resources includes artistic or brainstorming services or is it mainly cash and marketing?

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Posted By Mijati

I still have no idea what this game is.

It's awesome, but still unsure what it is.

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Posted By KaneRobot

Nice. Hope this winds up on consoles at some point.

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Posted By conmulligan

Makes sense. I like the idea of Double Fine as an indie publishing label.

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Posted By development

Wait a second. @patrickklepek hasn't played Gang Beasts, has he? Him and his dog should set up a stream and play.

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@librorumprohibitorum said:

@szlifier: Uhh, I don't think you should be posting that.

Why shouldn't he? All of the links to the videos still go to you still gotta have a premium account to watch that stuff, that site just makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

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Exciting news.

@conmulligan: Yeah, it's like a seal of quality. You may not like what you'll get but you know it'll at least be a quality product.

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Holy shit, thank you based god

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Posted By JordanaRama

This is excellent news.

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All the pieces are falling into place for my multiplayer get together. This and Lethal League are both out next week (in a fashion), Mount Your Friends is sure to be a hit and both Crawl and SpeedRunners look super fun.

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Video games are weird guys. Who thought 10 years ago that this is the kind of stuff to get published.

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Posted By Quarters

Sounds like an absolutely perfect fit.

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Posted By pirateogta

Still waiting to see Dan play on UPF.

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Posted By Benmo316

This news is only amazing!

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Posted By Triumvir


The best new I've heard all day. I am now Brad Muir happy. :D

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Posted By britxmenyuan

make it easier to sync with controllers....

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Posted By SleepyDoughnut

YES. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Posted By LucidDreams117

Amazing!! Very happy news. Now... next step, please Double Fine, bring this to consoles. Mainly Xbox One. Pleassseeeeeee :)

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Posted By Castiel


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Posted By wibby

Sweet! :)

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Posted By JoshtheValiant


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I thought this game had actual multi-player. The phrase "local-multiplayer" just killed all the interest I had in this title. This is a shitty trend in gaming, recently. At least, indie games. I'm sorry, but as a grown ass man, I just don't know enough people who play games and who would all get together, come over to my house at the same time for a play-date, and sit around on a couch like children playing a video game. It's hard enough to even think of getting several grown men in different places on the planet to all play the same game on the same gaming platform at the same time on the same day for internet-based co-op/multi-player.

These games need a new word to define them. Perhaps "dorm-play", because short of being a child or living in a dorm, I don't really see how any meaningful number of people will ever buy and play these games.

Also, are we all really just going to ignore the fact that there is a mountain simulator mobile game?!

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Oh fuck yes! A bit of that Double Fine sheen would take this game to the next level!

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