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Downloadable Battle Fantasia Hits Domestic PS3s This Fall

PSN to receive another fighting game from Aksys and Arc System Works.

Yup. That's a fighting game. 
Yup. That's a fighting game. 
Sure, PS3 owners, you probably could have just imported a copy of Battle Fantasia by now if you really wanted one, thanks to the PS3's handy region-free status, but that's a hassle. Today, Aksys Games announced plans to make it even easier to get a copy of Arc System Works' fantasy themed 2D fighting game. The game will be coming to North America as a PlayStation Network download this Fall.

The game was released here on the Xbox 360 back in September of last year, but the disc-based PS3 version was only released in Japan and PAL regions, which actually robbed PS3 owners of a pretty good fighting game. In what's probably an attempt to make up for all this, Aksys is adding more trophies to the upcoming release and holding a contest where players will attempt to name the new trophies.

Battle Fantasia's a very different-looking game from the typical anime crazy that Arc typically delivers, and I ended up liking the 360 version pretty well. So it's pretty cool that PS3 owners (or multiplatform owners who missed out on what ended up being a fairly limited release on 360) will get the chance to own a copy. Look for it later this year.
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