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Dragon Age And Awakening Getting Huge Patch Soon

Transport issues and other weird errors being addressed.

At some point this afternoon, BioWare will drop a sport-sized band-aid for the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins and its expansion Awakening, fixing a host of large and small issues. The notes suggest that the studio's emphasis has been on Awakening, as it seeks to address the myriad of minor compatibility issues brought upon by plopping an old character into the new content.

So, what's being fixed? Things like statistical indicators, audio bugs, memory leaks, pickpocketing woes, and even dreaded authorization issues. DLC-based transport issues, like broken Blood talents and gear oddities, are also being addressed on top of general transport issues like the "Legacy tattoo asset do not use!" message (!!!) that appeared on some transported characters' faces

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Not all known issues are being addressed. Rivaling the size of the fixes posted on the game's official message board are a list of known issues that can't just be slapped with a quick fix, because this same patch is being used for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the games. Those versions of the patches, by the way, are in certification right now.
You can view the patch notes for yourself, but I'd like note foremost that BioWare won't be able to fix the Awakening-based Sentinel Armors & Vigilance Sword errors, as well as the Blackblade Armor drop issues, because of DLC size limitations and all that related technical ballyhoo. If you really want to hash out the former whoopsie, though, you can temporarily delete the Warden's Keep DLC.