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Dragon Age: No DRM, Coming To Your Tabletop

Two pieces of news on this highly anticipated return to fantasy role-playing from BioWare.

We're closing in on the last few months of development time before the release of the next next big thing from BioWare, Dragon Age: Origins. I'm a little more excited for BioWare's next next big thing, Mass Effect 2, because I'm a nerd about space like that. But I know many of you are hanging on every piece of news that hits for Dragon Age--and I have to admit, the game has been looking better and better every time we've seen it--and so I offer you this two-for.

First, there was the charitable announcement on the company's own forums that the PC version of Dragon Age won't come with any sort of draconian copy protection schemes. No SecureROM, no online authentication--just the good old-fashioned disc-in-drive check. Community guy Chris Priestly also makes the inevitable mention of post-release paid DLC (natch), as well as the start of the beta for the game's mod tools. Since they're getting a jump start on getting community content going so far ahead of release, there may be some decent mods showing up on the PC not long after the game actually hits shelves.

Then today, EA furthered BioWare's assertion that they're serious about turning Dragon Age into a bonafide fantasy thang. Following the release of the game's prequel novel, EA went and announced a partnership with Green Ronin Publishing to bring a pen-and-paper RPG to market based on the Dragon Age world. That's, you know, like Dungeons & Dragons. Character sheets? 20-siders? THACO? Am I ringing any bells here?

Are you likely to get down and dirty with some pens and paper on this thing, or will you just stick to the video game version of Dragon Age?

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