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Driver Script Leak Surfaces

The first four pages of what may be a script for a Driver movie have popped up on the internet.

It seems like you can count the Mississippis it takes for a video game's retail success to translate into a movie deal these days. Sometimes, though, you don't even need a favorable critical or financial pedigree to get your name in Variety; in the case of Driver, a recognizable name and an easily digested concept were apparently enough.

A Driver movie has been kicking around in some form for years now, but I hadn't heard anything about it in a good long while when the super-minimalist superannuation managed to grab what it's claiming to be the cover and first four pages of a Driver script from 2006 credited to none other than Roger Avary. Avary's probably best-known to the general movie-going public for being Quentin Tarantino's writing partner on Pulp Fiction, though in the exclusive and glamorous world of video-game movies, he's better known as the screenwriter for the kinda-OK Silent Hill movie. 

His screenwriting work hasn't been terribly consistent, but I've got a certain amount of respect for Roger Avary. More worrisome is that Constantin Film, which produced the Resident Evil film trilogy, is listed as the production company at the bottom of the page. You can see the pages for yourself below, and while it doesn't paint a particularly complete picture, it provides a decent idea of the tone Avery seemed to be going for. I don't love the apparently ripped-from-the-headlines choice of setting some portion of the action in Iraq, but it's got a pulpy quality to it that could fit the source material pretty well. 

Of course, since this is an unverified internet leak, it's impossible to gauge the script's authenticity. Even if it's legit, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is representative of the current state of Driver, or if the movie's anywhere near actual production.
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