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E3 2011 Live Blog: Electronic Arts

The first Third-Party Conference of the show. Will Peter Moore play football with Shepard?

The second major press conference of E3 2011 begins in just a few minutes! For this press conference, we move from platform manufacturer Microsoft to Third Party Electronic Arts. Expect sports game demoes with former Football stars alongside plenty of multiplatform announcements.

Will we see more Mass Effect 3 demoes? How much time can (and will) EA spend demoing the Old Republic? And will we finally see some of Battlefield 3's multiplayer content? Tune in at 12:30 PM PST to find out!

Watch the EA Press Conference here!

[1:31] And so ends the Electronic Arts Press Conference. Thanks for watching and reading the live blog! We'll be back in an hour, at 2:30, for the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference! See you soon!

[1:30] Battlefield 3 is out on October 25th. So ends the Battlefield 3 demo.

[1:28] Graphics doesn't equal gameplay, but god damn, are those some good graphics.

[1:27] This is the longest on-stage gameplay demo we've seen all show.

[1:26] Look at that dust!

[1:24] Battlefield 3 single player demo playing now. Tanks firing at tanks. When will the violence end?

[1:23] Battle Log is a similar social network service that will allow players of Battlefield 3 to build platoons and squads, as well as share and store gameplay info and stats, inside the game as well as on the web. Players will be able to test out these features alongside the Battlefield 3 demo (launching before the game ships0.

[1:21] A few quick shots of the multiplayer. I mean, it had to be multiplayer, right? There were names over those dude's heads.

[1:20] Anyone else feel like they need a new computer?

[1:18] Battlefield 3 is reaffirmed for a Holiday release. Currently playing is a video on the Frostbite Engine 2, the technology powering Battlefield 3.

[1:17] Battlefield 3 is on deck.

[1;15] Overstrike FMV trailer plays now. Seems more colorful than games in that genre, if the FMV style makes it to the game. No idea how this one plays though.

[1:14] Overstrike is a terrible name for a video game. But it absolutely a video game name. Overstrike follows a mercenary group called Overstrike 9.

[1:13] Kingdom's demo is done. Here comes Ted Price of Insomniac. Their multiplatform game is coming!

[1:10] Curt Shilling is not wearing Red Sox, but he is on the EA stage showing off Reckoning (Curt just calls it Reckoning, and leaves off the Kingdoms of Amalur part).

[1:08] "The Sims Social, grrrl!"

[1:07] Looks like The Sims for the GBA.

[1:06] The Sims Social for Facebook! Take that, already established farming-based social game empire!

[1:05] So much for that "no celebrities" dig.

[1:04] These football players are not happy to be here. Not al all.

[1:03] Why are they playing the Inception theme during this Madden trailer?!

[1:02] FIFA is out, Madden is in. Tough Actin'!

[1;00] EA announced the FIFA football club, a free program that inserts unique challenges to the game's player base Sounds like Rock Band 3's challenge mode... but for Futbol.

12:59] Lil' Wayne always has a game plan, whether he's recording or playing FIFA.

[12:58] That guy loves soccer as much as he loves his neck chain.

[12:56] Are the speakers on the EA stage reading from a teleprompter below them? They keep looking down at their feet, like they're speaking with their eyes closed. Also, FIFA 12 is on stage.

[12:55] Peter Moore returns to an E3 Livestream stage, describes how they used NASA satellites to map out the game's courses. SSX will be out on consoles this coming January.

[12:52] This SSX trailer seems way more colorful than that "extreme hardcore" teaser from last year's Spike VGAs.

[12:50]. Well... there yo go. No gameplay footage of TOR, and the segment is done. Now comes a trailer for SSX.

[12:49]. Right click on that enemy to attack him! Except you can't, because this is an FMV trailer, and not real gameplay.

[12:46] If you guessed that the Old Republic demo would be an FMV trailer, guess what. You win.

[12:46] The OTHER BioWare Doctor (Greg) takes the stage to talk about The Old Republic. Start your TOR timers now! How long do you think this segment will go? Place your bets!

[12:45] That Heavy Rain connection is made way stronger by featuring a scene where the racer in The Run has to extract himself from a flipped car upside down... via Quick Time Event.

[12:41] Queue the Need For Speed: The Run gameplay trailer. It looks like you're speeding across the country, by car AND on foot. The on foot sequences look like scripted QTEs, a la Heavy Rain.

[12:40] Black Box returns to the EA Stage to talk about Need For Speed: The Run, describing the enhanced AutoLog integration. Auto Log will even directly weave into the main campaign.

[12:38] John Riccitiello takes the stage with a little dig at flashier press conferences, as well as a plug for Origin, EA's rebranded download service.

[12:37] You know, when I think of Mass Effect, I don't think of wailing guitars. I think of sick keyboards.

[12:36] Casey Hudson reveals the Mass Effect 3 release date: March 6th 2012. Cut to the very first gameplay trailer for the game.

[12;35]. Not a lot of dialog wheels in that demo.

[12:34] It's not a reaper base! It's a LIVE REAPER.

[12:33] A live demo of Mass Effect 3 begins on stage. Shepard has access to some aerial fire power; he can call in bombing runs from the Normandy.

[12:32] Casey Hudson steps on stage to talk about Mass Effect 3, describes how the Mass Effect franchise was always conceived as a trilogy.

[12:31] The EA press conference begins with a trailer for Mass Effect 3. The Reapers are already here... on Earth!

[12:28] Just two minutes!

[12:20] Just 10 minutes until the start of the EA Conference!