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EA Announces Create, A Game About...Creation

It'll be better than Kodu.

It's hard to see past the Zerg rush, but before Blizzard's RTS hit the streets, one of the big things we talked about was customizable play--the concepts you see in games like LittleBigPlanet or Kodu. With neither of these titles in EA's stable, it was about time that we had a game like Create, an EA Play Label joint that looks to be a watered down version of those aforementioned titles.

In Create, you'll design open environments with tools like brushes and textures, and solve individual "level-based challenges" created by designers. The latter action will, in turn, earn players even more tools for design. Warning, though: Create is a baby-friendly title. It probably won't allow us the opportunity to build a killer triple-decker ramp off of The Mona Lisa's schnoz.
“Create uses families’ imaginations to develop new ways to play together that are both fun and challenging," Harvey Elliot, GM at EA Bright Light said in a statement. “We wanted to design a game where the entire family can explore, decorate, and solve challenges where no solution is wrong and the only limit is the imagination." 


In a cool twist, you'll be able to upload your creations and challenges and share them with friends on the Xbox 360, Mac, PS3, and PC versions of Create. Said buds can then "remix" the levels and add in dongs, curse words, set new challenges based on your old ones, or do whatever else they desire.

Create is coming to the PS3, Macintosh, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii this November. The PS3 version will support Move control. No word on the 360 version supporting Kinect

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