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EA Confirms Army of Two Sequel

The 40th Day comes to PSP, 360, and PS3 later this year.

Hey, it's those guys! Those Army of Two guys!
Hey, it's those guys! Those Army of Two guys!
No big surprises here, since the game's name leaked out a couple of days ago. Though I guess the fact that EA Montreal's totally bro'd-up sequel is coming to the PSP wasn't something I expected. Army of Two: The 40th Day will again put players behind the facemasks of Salem and Rios, the two mercenaries who bumped fists and air guitared their way through the orginal Army of Two.

This time, the duo will bop their way through Shangai, China as they try to figure out what, exactly, The 40th Day refers to.

The game will hit North American PSPs, 360s, and PS3s in Q4.
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Posted By NickL

anyone else feel like this was a REALLY slow news week?

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Edited By Heartagram

I love jeff's Response to #1. Army of two was not good but neither was killzone 1 maybe this game will be ok?

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Posted By Keyser_Soze

Will this game receive the same hate from American reviewers for portraying the US military in "bad light" the same way as the first game did?

A lot of reviewers were offended by its full on message of PMC's good and capable and US military... bad. I know the US is a Nationalist nation but come on, stop with the fucking licking of the military already, especially in videogames, where's the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!

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Posted By Duke_Lion


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Edited By Pinmonkey

This news made my morning. Fist bumping, Wu-Tang discussion, gold plated shotguns, free DLC levels, and a ship captain who talks about ships blowing faster than a Thai hooker. What's not to like? I guess I just don't have good taste in games because I don't suck Bioshock's dick.

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Posted By ImperiousRix

Army of Two Deux?
NOT... interested...

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Posted By TheFrostedGamer

I agree with Death_Burnout that this article was too dry for a jeff article. Anyone who just simply wanted game information or a press release can go anywhere for that, instead of a random article here.

On a side note: I think they're making a mistake by not making Army of Two: TIts, Fire, and Destruction instead.

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Posted By John1912

The first one sold well enough for a sequal?  If nothing else it seems the last one got made fun of for how gay it was.  Not that theres anything wrong with that....

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Posted By LackLuster

Yeah, I actually kind of liked the first one

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Edited By Media_Master

Don't care, I don't have a 360

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Posted By TomA

This is one of the games that i'm most looking forward to this year,i really loved the first game,i didn't understand why it got such bad scores.

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Posted By Dimsey

Glad to see it confirmed. It mightn't have been a great game, but I at least enjoyed the first Army of Two and look forward to more fist bumping, air guitar and explosions and whatnot.

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Posted By DukeTogo

The first one had some good ideas, and then something happened before it came out and it all went to shit.  Most of the realistic merc things like the tampons and the little minigame to resuscitate your mate all went away and you were left with a game that was supposed to be very dark and violent and instead had the violence with two douchebags that wouldn't be able to shoot their way out of a liquor store.

If you're going to make a game based on PMCs, make them realistic.  There are idiots that go over there and shoot up the place like these humps, and they usually end up dead - shot by real PMCs to clean out the trash.  Don't come over here and think it's easy money, I'll shoot your ass myself if you blow my mission by being a cowboy, and it's real easy to blame it on insurgents.  Real personnel that do this work are professionals that know their business and aren't high-fiving in a firefight.  Shit, Gears is more realistic in tone than Ao2 was, and that's just sad.

EA, make the game right and you'll have a solid shooter that isn't just another game.  These guys go there for money, but that's just an extra incentive, they go private because it sidesteps the chain of command and beuracratic red tape that ties your hands.  They want to make a difference and get the job done, and not have some REMF screw up their shit because of some clerical error.

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Posted By roofy

i loved army of two and all its flaws.

any game with co op seems to be great even if its shit

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Posted By darkjester74

Never played the first one, if I find it in a bargain bin somewhere I might get it.  The 40th Day is a stupid waaay too serious for what is obviously a campy game.

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Posted By tekmojo

Hated the first one.

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Edited By deadmonkeys

Jeff's title was better than this garbage.
After killing dudes, you could score DOUBLE CASH with the DOUBLE FISTBUMP.

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Posted By Fr0Br0

Good Job EA on dropping the ball with maybe the greatest name for a game ever.

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Posted By Teh_Eel

Well the first one was shit, so my bet is the second one will be as well.

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Posted By Everyones_A_Critic

The first one seemed pretty cool, I might check out number 2.

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Posted By darthincredible25

To be honest, aside from all the stupid voice acting and lame story, I really enjoyed the combat, it felt kind of like a pure third-person shooter, almost as good as Gears of War.

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Posted By RHCPfan24

I am NOT interested, thankyouverymuch.

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Posted By Death_Burnout
PercyChuggs said:
"It will come out in November, get killed by Modern Warfare 2 and BioShock 2, and then EA will wonder why it didn't sell."
That sounds about right.
Avatar image for kazona
Posted By Kazona

Since Jeff can't be bothered to say it, I will...

Dude why does this game even exist?
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Edited By manicproblematic

yeah no the first game was enough for me. I don't think il be playing the second one....well i miiiiight rent it if there is like NOTHING else to play... unlikely though... 

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Posted By PeasForFees

DUDE. Confirm my endurance run. :)

Avatar image for percychuggs
Posted By PercyChuggs

It will come out in November, get killed by Modern Warfare 2 and BioShock 2, and then EA will wonder why it didn't sell.

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Posted By carlthenimrod

The worst part of the first game was the story. Both characters came off as complete douches. Besides that I thought the game was decent. Just nothing special.

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Posted By ahoodedfigure

The 40th Day is a biblical reference.  And it indirectly could refer to a plague, because quarantine originally meant that you endured a sickness for 40 days, like so many in the bible did.  If you could manage that you were considered free of the sickness.  We vary such isolation now because, you know, germ theory, but the name stuck, and refers directly to "40". 

Then you have Moses, Noah, Jesus, all manner of biblical characters enduring things for 40 days.  40 was a numerological term in Hebrew which just symbolized "a long time," just like 6 represented imperfection, and 7 represented perfection.

Avatar image for thehbk
Posted By TheHBK

Yeah, only people who have friends and played this co-op actually enjoyed it, thats what it was for.  Though still not as good as gears.

Avatar image for joeltgm
Posted By JoelTGM

If they do a good job it could be fun.  The original was cool but it felt rushed.

Avatar image for tripmastermunky
Posted By TripMasterMunky

awkward name

Avatar image for icecoldgamer
Posted By IceColdGamer

I totally enjoyed the first one, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the 2nd one.

Avatar image for citizenkane
Posted By citizenkane

I only played the demo of the first one and didn't care too much for it.

Avatar image for slunks
Posted By Slunks


Avatar image for logson
Posted By logson

Not sure why, but I feel like giving this game a chance. Didn't like the first one, buuuuut I feel like there's a tiny bit of hope that this could become a franchise worth a damn.

Avatar image for vibratingdonkey
Posted By VibratingDonkey

This needs to be more like God Hand. Everything needs to be more like God Hand.

Avatar image for captain_fookup
Posted By Captain_Fookup

Hopefully EA can fix what was wrong with the first game and not just pump out another turd sandwich like their sports games.

Avatar image for williamrlbaker
Posted By WilliamRLBaker

AWESOME i loved army of two and i am still playing it now for my achievements.

Avatar image for end_boss
Posted By End_Boss

Man... Okay, whatever, I'll say it. I enjoyed Army of Two's over-the-top style and its story mode (when played in co-op). Yes, versus multiplayer was garbage, but whatever. Army of Two doesn't suck, YOU suck!

Avatar image for ht101
Posted By ht101

I love all the talk they have done about this game and I want to play it just to see what it's about.  Anyway, I want the new Persona 4 endurance run movie up so I can watch that.

Avatar image for rogerjak
Posted By Rogerjak

Do want this game.

Avatar image for kohe321
Edited By Kohe321

Huh well I was really let down by the first one... Hopefully the sequel is better.

Avatar image for lifebydegrees
Posted By LifeByDegrees

Good Morning Giant Bomb. I hope you enjoyed your nap.

Avatar image for magnus_bulla
Posted By Magnus_Bulla

I actually kinda liked the first one. It had fun online co-op.

Avatar image for lordandrew
Posted By LordAndrew

I can feel the excitement. :D

Avatar image for laszlokovacs
Posted By LaszloKovacs

I feel like the first game was about all the Army of Two I can handle.

Avatar image for codariocalyx
Posted By Codariocalyx

I dont think theres a mandatory rule for every article to be funny, get over it Mr Death sir

Avatar image for death_burnout
Edited By Death_Burnout

Haha. Well whatever! i love Army of Two, which is not as well-established. I give it more love than it deserves.

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Posted By ElectricHaggis


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