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EA's E3 2010 Press Conference Live Blog

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Electronic Arts is set to reveal and demo a range of products ahead of the E3 floor festivities at its E3 2010 press conference. What will we see? A lot of sports, for sure, and possibly a new look at games like Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2. 
If you don't want to miss anything, check just below for our live blog of the event. It should be fun. No promises, though. 
== TEASER == All updates will be made in ascending order.           
[3:30 PM] It's over. Man, I kinda want to play Medal of Honor right now. 

[3:28 PM] The show is wrapping up.  

[3:25 PM] Bioware really knows how to put together a trailer. They're currently showing a super dramatic, all CG tease for Knights of the Old Republic. The game, the last time I played it several months ago, could do nothing like what I'm seeing here.
[3:22 PM] PvP is being talked about. The first warzone will be fought on Alderaan. You'll be able to choose sides in these fights--Sith or Jedi.  
[3:21 PM] Every player will get his or her own starship in Knights of the Old Republic. Player ships will represent "a right of passage." 

[3:15 PM] Light talk of the points combination system has prefaced a live demo fo the game. If you've watched any Bulletstorm footage, you know what's going on here.  

[3:13 PM] Game hits February 22nd. 

[3:12 PM] Cliff just walked on-stage. "Mr. Self Destruct" was his theme. Anyway, they're about to demo Bulletstorm. 
[3:04 PM] The demo takes place in Central Station. We see the protag fighting a massive robot by running around and grabbing convenient rocket launcher rounds. It ends as a Hummer runs drives through to pull you out. 3D announced for all 3 platforms: the PC, 360, and PS3.  

[3:03 PM] Crytek's Cevat Yerli takes the stage. He's about to demo Crysis 2. 

[3:01 PM] EA Partners program getting pumped. Jason West and Frank Zampella were just introduced. Two games are about to be announced. 
[2:59 PM] Rather, Sims 3 console.   

[2:55 PM] Ah, it's a The Sims bit for My Sims 3.    

[2:55 PM] Some dude walked onto the stage and started talking about free will.  

[2:54 PM] Moore likes the word "authentic." 
[2:51 PM] For the record, Bethea wouldn't let Reggie Bush shred him like that. (They're demoing a Colts-versus-Saints game with this automated GameFlow system.
[2:50 PM] Peter Moore just said "paradigm shift." Also, Joe Montana just walked on-stage. They're set to demo a gameplan mechanic. 

[2:49 PM] 3 vs 3 co-op team played confirmed.  

[2:48 PM] Madden 11 about to be shown. "It's as accessible as it is authentic." "Simpler, quicker, and deeper." Choking on a laugh over here.  

[2:46 PM] Your fitness progress and workout data will be automatically dropped onto with the high-def versions of the game. Seems...a little invasive.
[2:43 PM] ...And we're back! EA MMA will have some sort of system that allows you to send video messages to dudes and show your fights to others. I guess promoters can also showcase good fighters' fights.  Also, EA Sports Active 2 is being demoed. The heart-rate monitor is being shown. Guess what? It monitors your heart-rate.
[2:34 PM] A downlodable expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is coming. It's called "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam." It's hitting this winter.
[2:33 PM] EA is announcing something called Gun Club. It's a cross-game rewards system that will also give subscribers access to breaking news and early demo play, early beta play, and unlockable guns.
[2:30 PM] Multiplayer beta will kick off on June 21st in North America.   
[2:28 PM] EA is showing the action on 24 separate screens. Not sure if that's the best way to present this game. But I can definitely tell that this is an EA DICE developed joint.    

[2:26 PM] We're seeing a Team Deathmatch mode, a live 24-person demo. The demo takes place in Kabul. Being described as a close-range map. 

[2:25 PM]  "The next big step towards taking back the quality bar of the first-person shooter genre." This is what the EA brass on-stage is saying of the impending Medal of Honor demo. 
[2:24 PM] Issac pushes through the Church. Now he's in Sprawl proper, getting drilled by a space ship or something. I'm seeing QTE prompts as he struggles against the barrage of bullets. 

[2:22 PM] I'm seeing those quiet little walking sections again--the ones where you're about 99-percent sure something terrible is going to happen, but it doesn't.
[2:20 PM]  He's in Sprawl's Church of Unitology. It sorta has a Gothic feel to it. As he proceeds through it's hallways, monsters are jumping out from behind columns. 

[2:19 PM] Demo kicks off with Isaac fighting a four-legged Necromorph, as seen in the last bit of footage we put up on the site. After beating back the monster, Isaac is bum-rushed by a bunch of little Necromorphs which sorta look like the knife-babies in the original Silent Hill. You know, those small walking monsters at the very beginning of the game in the alley? Yeah, those.
[2:18 PM] Dead Space 2 demo coming. "Dark creepy atmospheres" and "highly gruesome action sequences" promised. Isaac is taking the action to the Necromorphs.
[2:17 PM]  Demo ends as cop dude slams racer dude with his car. Launches November 17.
[2:15 PM] Pretending as if I've never played a NFS Speed title, I'm not quite sure what I'm seeing here. It's just a dude with a cop car playing cat and mouse with a driver. The music is intense though. I feel like someone is about to put a hook and drop a bomb in an AT-ST's belly.
[2:14 PM] Showing a two-player competition in a live demo. One player is a cop, the other is a racer.  

[2:12 PM] A re-imagined Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer opened the conference. It's being developed by Criterion. It will have a feature called "auto-log," which is essentially a social network. You can check out what you're friends are doing and set up competitions.  

[2:06 PM] Nothing yet, sirs.