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Giant Bomb News


Exciting News From Your Friends At Giant Bomb

It's not all pancakes... OK, actually, a lot of it is pancakes.

Hey guys, in case you missed our little live announcement, I've embedded it below. Naturally, we had a minor technical issue at the beginning, so skip the first four or five minutes to get to the show!

Sounds like some people are having trouble seeing the embedded video that's supposed to be right here. If that's you, watch it right here.

Pretty crazy, right? This is going to be the thing that allows us to make Giant Bomb bigger and crazier than it's ever been before, and I hope you all stick around with us. Just like Ryan's been saying, it won't be boring. OK, right now we're heading over to GameSpot offices for the first time since 2007. Be sure to check back at 4PM PDT, when we'll be addressing my termination. Finally! The story can be told!

We'll also have a full update on what all this means for premium members very shortly.

(And hey, check out Tested for information about their crazy news!)

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