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Extra-Life 2017: A Hearty Thanks!

You did good, Giant Bomb community! But there's more to come...

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Hey everyone! The main Extra Life weekend concluded a while ago, and we wanted to share some wrap-up figures with you! As of this writing, the Giant Bomb team has raised almost $245,000, with well over half of that coming from community members just like you! That puts us at over a million bucks raised for our team since we started streaming in 2011. We greatly appreciate your support for these streams year in and year out. Obviously we couldn't be doing this without the help of Matt Pascual, who organizes the event every year, as well as our guest streamers like Dave Lang and Drew and Alexis.

I also wanted to pass along some kind words from Mike Kinney from our charity beneficiary, CNM Hospitals:

I’m sending a quick note to say thank you so much for your continued support of Extra Life and CMN Hospitals over the years. Coordinating an Extra Life event with the amazing Giant Bomb community is no small feat but we’re so grateful you put the time and effort in each year to make it a success. The $1million + dollars the Giant Bomb community has raised over the years for our member hospitals has literally saved lives and kept families together. Think about that…there are kids still on this earth because you chose to get involved with Extra Life and rally those around you to do so as well, and for that, we can’t thank you enough!

And Liz Almonte:

I just want to echo Mike’s thoughts, and also add that previous to when I started on the Extra Life team, my brother-in-law heard about Extra Life through Giant Bomb. He is now an avid Extra Lifer in Florida who not only has met some of his best friends through Extra Life, but also has helped raised over $10k for his local hospital. This wouldn’t have happened without Giant Bomb!

The reach and impact you all have on the kids we serve is massive. Thank you again for all you do, and congratulations on over $1 Million raised!

While the primary Extra Life weekend is over, we still have some juice left in the tank, so we're going to try and get a couple more streams in before the year is over. I am going to be trying to do a community-focused stream for 12 hours or so on December 2nd, which means we'll be hopping back into some co-op games, getting some Giant Bomb roster members some more donations for their hard work, and maybe take a gander at some of my personal GOTY candidates or games from this year I didn't get a chance to spend much time with.

We are also planning another in-studio stream from Giant Bomb West sometime in December, most likely Friday, December 15th, and we've also had some interest from other friends of the site to stream in December as well. So, if you're in the mood for more Extra Life marathons, fear not, as there's most likely more to come in a week or two.

Thanks again for all your donations, and especially all of the community members who have joined the GB team to stream.