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Fable II's Big Announcement: Downloadable Island Incoming

New island, gloves, and boots coming to Fable II next month.

Winner, Albion's
Winner, Albion's "Mr. Mustache" Award, 2008-2009
Microsoft and Lionhead have revealed plans for a new piece of downloadable content for use with Fable II. There will be two packs--a premium piece that will go for 800 points and a free version that will let your co-op friends in on the action in cases where one player has paid for the content and one hasn't.

The key piece of the offering will be a new landmass called Knothole Island, and weather will be a key feature out there. The lore behind it states that an ancient civilization lived there and created magical artifacts that can control the weather. Three new quests, each with its own dungeon, will be added, as will six new weapons, potions that alter your appearance, and additional customization features. The pack will also add 50 new leaderboards to the game.

This gets at my big issue with campaign-oriented downloadable content. I'm not the sort of guy who goes back to games to experience some sort of out-of-the-way addition that doesn't really factor into the main story. But I still haven't played Fable II yet. That means I might just be able to experience it all as one big, new thing, which sounds way more appealing.

Of course, this means I'm faced with the decision of trying to play Fable II as soon as possible or deliberately holding off, but considering I still have to play Dead Space and I just got into the new Banjo last night, I think I'll be able to make Knothole Island a part of my Albion experience.

How about you? Any interest in returning to Fable II to see a handful of new things?
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