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Fallout: New Vegas 'Dead Money' DLC Detailed And Dated

New terrain, new enemies, and new choices await in New Vegas' first bit of paid DLC.

Bethesda is now talking about the first bit of Fallout: New Vegas content, an "exclusive" downloadable joint for the Xbox 360. Dead Money, as it's called, will have you become the victim of a "raw deal" in which your life is threatened. After said deal goes down, you and three other "captured" Wasteland rovers will be asked (or forced) to discover the "legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino" for an unspecified reason.

If the name of the target didn't already tip you off, this content will feature new areas and terrain, as well as new enemies and moral choices, according to Bethesda in a press release this morning. 

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Dead Money will make its exclusive debut on Xbox Live this December 21. It'll be priced at 800 Microsoft Points. Here's what Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines has to say about this content:

"We’re pleased to give fans a chance to expand their experience in Fallout: New Vegas this December with Dead Money,” Hines said in a statement. "The release of Dead Money illustrates our commitment to creating entertaining add-on content for players to enjoy in already massive games like Fallout: New Vegas.”

Sounds fun, though similar to the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas. Hopefully, come December 21, I'll actually be in a position to play this DLC. Those Brotherhood of Steel missions are a slog, eh?