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Fez Coming to PCs on May 1

Mac version is en route, and it might make an appearance on Vita.

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Rumors about Fez escaping the confines of Xbox Live Arcade existed even before the game was released on Xbox 360, but it’s official: Fez will arrive on Steam on May 1.

Designer Phil Fish announced the news this morning on Twitter, and is currently answering questions about the port and Fez through an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

Fez is coming to PC first, but will eventually be released on Mac, as well. Fish is also “working with Sony” about a possible Vita port, but can’t “100% confirm that yet.”

Fish also commented on what he’s been up to since Fez was released into the world.

“A lot of non-creative work,” he said. “I haven’t really ‘made’ anything since the game came out. a necessary evil, I suppose. But life has generally been really good!”

He also revealed something that is currently driving Jeff and I nuts: there are undiscovered secrets in Fez.


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