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Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Hits PSP In April

Just in case you missed it the first dozen times.

I know the NGP is stealing the buzz, but don't forget that PSP games are still slated to ship before Sony busts out its new-fangled handheld. Square Enix, for a good example, has just revealed plans to ship Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection to North America this April 19 and to Europe at some point this Spring, too.

FFIV: The Complete Collection boasts enhanced visuals for Final Fantasy IV, which has seen several re-releases over the years since its Super NES debut. The pack also contains every single episode of The After Years, the downloadable sequels to FFIV that hit WiiWare in North America back in 2009. 

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The announcement materials for The Complete Collection don’t mention a digital release, but they do have a price: you’ll be able to buy the collection for $29.99, a decent amount of savings in comparison since the full run of The After Years itself will cost you around 40 bones. Not too bad, eh?