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Final Fantasy MMOs To Go Online Again March 25

Square announces that service will resume at the end of the month.

If you’re a Final Fantasy XI or XIV enthusiast, you’ve no doubt taken note of the server takedowns as a result of the earthquake and conservation measures in Japan. Square Enix pulled the plug on both these MMOs on March 13, and it looks like both will be up and running again as soon as the end of this week on March 25, according to a recent posting on the official Final Fantasy XIV blog.

The announcement mentions that even though services will again be offered on this date, it’s completely possible that Square will power down both games again if conservation needs arise. Also, in case you didn’t know, no one is being charged for service in April as a result of all of this, as was originally noted by Square when it announced the initial server pulls.  

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“We at the Square Enix group are trying to act in a proactive manner in order to provide support towards the relief and restoration efforts in the face of this unprecedented disaster while providing reliable service to our customers,” Square wrote on the FFXIV site yesterday afternoon, “and we thank you for your understanding and support.”