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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets a Release Date: January

Square Enix is going back to the well for a reportedly refined sequel.

More battles, please. More battles.
More battles, please. More battles.

A copy of Final Fantasy XIII still sits on a shelf in my apartment, as I continue to convince myself that I'll play that game someday. I know, of course, that day will never come, a notion reinforced by today's news that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now confirmed for a release in January.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has reportedly been engineered to respond to much of the criticism leveled against the original game, where complaints of linearity and a mystifying lack of random towns to explore were rampant.

Final Fantasy X was the last JRPG I spent any significant amount of time with. Loved that one. The MMO-esque battle system of Final Fantasy XII never sunk its hooks in me. Mostly, I just got frustrated. But alas.

Can Square Enix just remake Final Fantasy III (or VI, depending on the country) and call it a day?

I'd also like to point out that I considered writing Final Fantasy XXX-2 in the headline for a few minutes.

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