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Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Ends September 19

You've only got a few more days to explore, grind, and die.

Final Fantasy XIV's open beta is nearly over. Square Enix has announced that the beta will end on September 19, a whopping three days before collector's edition owners get their official pre-release head start on those who plan to buy and play the game the old-fashioned way on its official launch date of September 30.

You can still register for the aforementioned beta on the same official webspace that alerted us last week to critical bugs that caused the open beta's original launch date delay. If you get in, keep in mind that you only have six more days to test the full game before it ends, so dodo-grinding should probably take a backseat to exploration and experimentation.

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Massively, in its report about the beta's end date, notes that Square Enix has been keeping pace with user complaints to some degree throughout this beta period, releasing a stream of patches to fix what is found to be broken. It's doubtful, but as a result of this support, we might finally see a clean MMO launch. Might.

Have you been checking out the the beta? Any impressions you'd like to share? Has it convinced any of you to purchase the full game or cancel a pre-order?