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First Bad Company 2 Expansion Takes The Fight To 'Nam

War--what is it really good for?

Work on the Medal of Honor reboot isn't stopping EA DICE from putting out more downloadable content for its self-made shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It also isn't stopping the studio from completely changing the setting its shooter is based in. If all goes to plan, this winter, you'll be fighting in Vietnam.

During EA's E3 2010 press briefing the game's first expansion pack, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, was announced. A multi-only joint, Vietnam will introduce four new maps to the game as well as an unspecified number of new vehicles, weapons, achievements, trophies, and persistent unlocks.

It's unclear if we're talking Vietnam war-era conflict, but players will find themselves on one of two sides in the expansion's maps: the US Marines or the North Vietnamese Army. 

Jungles have been confirmed, as well as "guerrilla tactics." And according to the press release, traditional modes like Rush and Conflict can be played on these four new maps.