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First Ep Of Telltale's Back To The Future Series Free With Blu-Ray Set

The code is apparently non-unique, so really the game is free for everyone.

The Back to the Future Blu-Ray trilogy has a videogame-related surprise. According to Joystiq, the movie set--which hits shelves on October 26--ships with an insert that guarantees owners a free copy of the first game (PC or Mac) in Telltale Games' five episode Back to the Future: The Game series. All one must do in order to get in on the deal is hit this special URL, enter in the non-unique code "121GIGAWATTS," and wait. The site, as of right now by the way, isn't accepting the code.
It's implied, but the first game won't be arriving the day these inserts get into peoples' hands. In fact, Telltale says that the insert offers nothing more than a registration for a free copy of the game. When the title is ready to ship--and mind you it's undated, though "Winter" is still the release window--the studio will notify those who have used the voucher that their free copy of the game is available.  

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These codes aren't unique, so you don't need to buy the $49.99 collection to get a free copy of the game, but that move wouldn't make much sense anyway--it seems highly unlikely that this first game will break the 15-dollar barrier.  It will, however, probably break the time continuum. So there's that.