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Forza Horizon 2 Is Coming

Somewhat curiously, it's also being released on Xbox 360.

Forza Horizon (pictured above, as there are no screens for the sequel yet) was a breath of fresh air for the racing series.
Forza Horizon (pictured above, as there are no screens for the sequel yet) was a breath of fresh air for the racing series.

In this case, a new game announcement for E3 wasn't leaked! Microsoft revealed Forza Horizon 2 to IGN this morning, though we don't know much more than knowing the game's coming this year on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

As with the original, Forza Horizon 2 is being developed by Playground Games in the UK. The game's Xbox 360 release, however, is being handled by an external studio.

Forza Horizon 2, this time set in Southern Europe, will include an evolution of Forza Motorsport 5's controversial drivatar system, and mark the debut of a weather system.

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Avatar image for johnlocke
Posted By JohnLocke

Sweet, this could be really cool.

Avatar image for hammondoftexas
Posted By hammondoftexas

I would consider this.... if it was coming to PC.

Avatar image for reckless_x
Posted By ReCkLeSs_X

Loved the first. Odd that it's coming to 360 though. How much confidence does Microsoft have in its own box?

Avatar image for san_salvador
Posted By san_salvador

The first one was such a nice game, totally borked by 30fps. What a sad, sad release that was. :(

Avatar image for mcmax3000
Posted By mcmax3000

Cool to see that it's adding a weather system. Would be nice to see that get used in the main series with Forza 6.

Avatar image for csl316
Posted By csl316

I kind of wish we'd stop getting cross-gen titles. I want an Xbox One, but can't justify it with stuff like this and Titanfall being released on 360. Those versions are still functional and seem far better than say... Modern Warfare on the Wii.

Avatar image for freakgirl
Posted By FreakGirl

Love Forza. Love weather systems. This is a must buy for me :D

Avatar image for ryanmgraef
Posted By Ryanmgraef

Drivatar suuuucked. Hope it's not as overbearing as it was in F5. But yeah, I'll buy horizon 2. Same D.Js?

Avatar image for mrcraggle
Posted By mrcraggle

Is it curious that it's also coming to the 360? I expect this to be the norm for awhile and this game has probably been in the works for some time and with over 80 million 360 owners vs. 5 million (possibly 6 after dropping Kinect), I know where I'd want to sell to.

Avatar image for oopprraahh
Posted By oopprraahh

Super stoked for this

Avatar image for theking
Posted By TheKing

This is great news.

Avatar image for mjhealy
Posted By MjHealy

Since I don't have a Xbox One, I am actually super excited this is coming to 360. I really enjoyed the original.

And would it kill someone to save announcements for E3? Unless, there is way more secret stufffff.


Avatar image for falconer
Posted By Falconer

Horizon's multiplayer was incredibly limiting and bland compared to Forza 4 and Burnout Paradise. Fingers crossed that gets addressed in this game.

Avatar image for mister_v
Posted By Mister_V

Yeah... I could go for another Forza horizon.

Being set in southern Europe i wonder if they will do a fake Monaco? That could be cool.

Avatar image for pigborg
Posted By Pigborg

i played the living shit out of the first game. Cannot wait for this!

Avatar image for trucksimulator
Posted By TruckSimulator

Something I want to play this Autumn. :O

Avatar image for banderdash
Posted By banderdash

I wonder if announcing all this stuff before E3 isn't so much about how packed their press conference is going to be, but more about how little confidence they have in keeping stuff from leaking.

Avatar image for monty222
Posted By monty222

Coming this year? WEIRD.

Avatar image for shaka999
Edited By Shaka999

Is the fact that a good number of "next-gen" multi-platform games are coming out on previous-generation consoles very weird to anyone else? Even games coming out next year like Mortal Kombat X?

If each console generation is a new IP, then this new generation feels much more like a sequel or spinoff than new IP.

I dunno, I'm rambling. Anyone else got a better way of putting it?

Avatar image for pattyofurniture
Posted By PattyOFurniture

excited as hell for this, but someone in the comments mentioned burnout and now i'm itching for a new burnout game.

Avatar image for paliv
Posted By Paliv

Fingers crossed this one is as enjoyable as the first one!

Avatar image for reisz
Posted By Reisz

Not going anywhere near this without reviews and community feedback, I know it's a different developer but I'm still treating the burns from Forza 5.

Avatar image for heatdrive88
Posted By heatDrive88

Absolutely loved the first - can't wait for the next.

Avatar image for eaxis
Posted By Eaxis

Horizon is the only Forza game I like and I think it has amazing driving physics. I turned off every assist and chose simulation with a controller and it's the best driving feel and controls I've ever had in a racing game. For me it's the best arcade sim racer as Grid 2 dropped it hard.

Avatar image for basketsnake
Edited By BasketSnake

360? That's drivataring me crazy.

Avatar image for chummy8
Posted By Chummy8

My favorite Forza game honestly.

Just wish it came out on PC too. I don't have a 360 anymore.

Avatar image for bearfield
Posted By bearfield

@san_salvador: i thought it ran fine at 30. of course 60 fps is optimal but the quality of the driving in horizon was so good i didn't care about the frame rate

Avatar image for robohasi
Posted By robohasi

Calling the location "Southern Europe" instead of one country is very strange because the countries aren't very connected (unless they plan to do Spain/Portugal or some travel system). Hopefully Greece will be in it because the beautiful scenery here deserves to be shared around the world.

Also thank god for the 360 release because I'm not planning on buying the XBONE any time soon...

Avatar image for oldmanlight
Posted By OldManLight

If the 360 version is as good as the first FH, i probably won't be buying a Xbox One any time soon.

Avatar image for nags
Posted By Nags

Cross-gen, ugh. No thanks.

Avatar image for 617_jbug
Edited By 617_jbug

More info has come out. Xbox One version is based off Forza 5 engine. 360 version is based off Horizon 1 engine. Also Sumo Digital is doing the 360 version and Playground is doing the XB1 version.

Avatar image for chaser324
Edited By Chaser324

@robohasi said:

Calling the location "Southern Europe" instead of one country is very strange because the countries aren't very connected (unless they plan to do Spain/Portugal or some travel system). Hopefully Greece will be in it because the beautiful scenery here deserves to be shared around the world.

I'm sure it will be a situation like the first game where it is drawing inspiration from the location but not really attempting to recreate any specific roads or landmarks. I doubt they'll do anything that partitions the game into separate countries/regions.

@nags said:

Cross-gen, ugh. No thanks.

Playground Games is doing the Xbox One version based on the Forza 5 engine and Sumo Digital (a great choice to do the port) is doing the 360 version based on the original Forza Horizon engine.

I think both versions have the potential to turn out well without being hugely detrimental either.

Avatar image for zzombie13
Posted By ZZoMBiE13

This is excellent news!

I loved the first Forza Horizon. I think it would have done better if they'd marketed it to a greater degree, but that is neither here nor there. Bottom line, I'm glad to see this series is living on.

Ideally I'd like to see Turn 10 keep a 3 years rotation on Forza proper, the other studio make a Forza Horizon on a 3 year schedule, and one year off in between installments. I don't think it should be a yearly franchise though. And Horizon and Motorsport are different enough that I wouldn't mind them being back to back so long as there's enough time in between.

Further, I hope they do better with the Auction House in Horizon. As much as I enjoyed Forza Motorsport 5, they really dropped the ball on that aspect. What was once a great seperate game unto itself was relegated to an afterthought.

Avatar image for hemmelight
Edited By Hemmelight


I've played through the game 3 times, and not once was I bothered by the Framerate.

Obviously 60 is better, especially for a racing game, but I would take smooth, rock-solid 30 fps over a shitty fluctuating, screen-tearing 25-40 fps anyday.

Not putting word in your mouth or anything, just my own opinion. :p

I really really hope a PC version happens eventually, but I'm not holding my breath. Forza (and especially Horizon) is the only thing keeping me from totally abandoning Xbox.

Avatar image for sjqpersonal
Posted By SJQPersonal

Guess I should actually finish Forza Horizon... huh..

Avatar image for winsord
Edited By Winsord

Normally I'd be all for pre-ordering a Forza game having sunken hundreds of hours into the series, but after the mess that was Forza 5, I think I'll hold off and let others test the waters first.

Avatar image for antivanti
Posted By antivanti

FM Horizon had time of day and dirt, None if which are in FM5. The one big thing missing from Horizon was tuning so you could make beasts of cars but you couldn't tame them. Also they made the Honda CRX a fucking "unicorn" so I couldn't get my real life car but the AI could keep taunting me by driving it. A car that btw isn't hard to find IRL and dirt cheap if you do... but I'm not bitter...

Avatar image for bigjeffrey
Edited By bigjeffrey

Avatar image for cybexx
Posted By Cybexx

Whoooo! I've been waiting for this announcement and just hoping the first one sold well enough to justify it. So much more interested in Horizon than the dry car catalog feel of the main series.

Avatar image for striderno9
Posted By StriderNo9

Glad the Forza Horizon 2 is coming to the Xbox 360 also, and that it's being handled by a noter dev team. It's crazy that some people make it seem like a weakness, MS can't win with some people.

Avatar image for spankmealotus
Posted By Spankmealotus

Here's hoping the 360 version is as good as the last one. This was one of the few games that I knew was coming that I wanted a xbox one for.

Avatar image for stackboy
Posted By Stackboy

Why is anyone surprised that Forza Horizon 2 is coming to 360? MS always said they plan to support the 360 for years to come, after the release of the Xbone. The install base is massive, why not continue to sell to it?

Avatar image for sharkman
Posted By SharkMan

Hopefully they pick a place less boring than Colorado this time.

Avatar image for thomascro
Posted By ThomasCro

I have a PS3 and a PC, are there any games that let you just enjoy driving around like Horizon does?

Avatar image for vibratingdonkey
Edited By VibratingDonkey
Avatar image for arcloxs
Posted By Arcloxs

Im just not into these games, hope it turns out well for the fans though.

Avatar image for ez123
Posted By ez123

It was leaked though.

Forza Horizon: "Fall 2014, probably September. Super sexy weather system and... shit tons of co-op/social stuff. 1080P and open-world, so you can road trip with your bros."

I hope all these pre-announcements won't make for a flaccid show in terms of new announcements. There's like, nothing left on the ntkrnl leak list. White Xbone. Maybe logos of Crackdown 3 and the Platinum thing.

So what's the difference between revealing it now or at E3 if it was leaked?

Avatar image for benspyda
Posted By benspyda

I've bought and mostly enjoyed every Forza game since 3, so I'll likely enjoy this too. Especially if it drives like Forza 5 which I really enjoyed.

Avatar image for axel_ix
Edited By Axel_IX

There were only two games that could make me get an Xbox One. This was the second of the two.

Side note, I seriously thought that that screenshot at the top was of Horizon 2, I keep forgetting how good Horizon looked.

Avatar image for t3mplesmith

I bet they originally intended for it to be just on the Xbox 360.

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