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Four-Player Co-Op In Crackdown 2? Yes, Please may have let the cat out of the bag on multiplayer features in the new action sequel from Ruffian.

The basic product page for the newly announced Crackdown 2 over on Microsoft's official Xbox site is listing the game as having cooperative play for up to four players, and some other sort of multiplayer experience--presumably a competitive one--for up to 16 people.

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This sure is invigorating news for me. The first Crackdown had such a great, outrageous sense of wanton destruction, with you bounding over entire buildings and destroying whole city blocks with gleeful aplomb--and the only thing that made it better was pulling in a second player to double up on the damage. I can't imagine how ridiculous it's going to be with four people in there.

That's really all we know about the game so far, other than there may be monsters in there? Here's what we saw of Crackdown 2 at E3, which is to say, precisely nothing! Recommence speculation!


(Via VG247)
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